Space computing

imagesUntil now, when people talk about cloud computing, it’s usually understood that the cloud is a metaphor for groups of remote, networked servers. Now “space computing” means it literally: physical servers operating in outer space.

We can think “Cloud computing” evolution is “Cloud in the space” or simple “Space Computing”.

To put servers in space have so many advantages but some clear disadvantages to solve before to put in practice.


  1. Save energy problems, data centers use up 10% of the world’s electricity
  2. No need to freeze the servers
  3. Fast processing because the space environment
  4. A very good cost-effective to launch a server into space


  1. There are no need of be compliance or to follow legal topics because satellites are not inside nations legislation area
  2. Storing large amounts of data in space is not feasible with the actual transmission rates
  3. Space waste or small meteorites could destroy our satellites
  4. Shadow problems about coverage
  5. Uplink & Downlink are not symmetric
  6. Extremely expensive maintenance

I had created a presentation where the relationship between these 3 concepts is explained in detail:
see here:

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