In this post I will briefly introduce aspects of conducting a BIA (Business Impact Analysis), first a definition of what we mean by BIA: A BIA is a process of analyzing business functions and the effect that a break in the business could in such functions. The organization shall determine and document the impact of a break in activities that support key products and services. In a BIA criticism for achieving organizational areas and the potential magnitude of the operational and financial impacts are identified. Each activity that supports a key product or service, the organization must: a) Evaluate the impacts that would occur withRead More →

Whatsapp Sniffer: An example application that exploits security vulnerabilities Whatsapp Yes, WhatsApp, the famous messaging program that the vast majority of us use. The same program that lets you send free messages, photos, video and even our GPS location also has its dark side. Already been reported at different times and by different means WhatsApp is one of the most secure applications as it has many security holes and does not encrypt your data. This has led to different applications. I will mention one. WhatsApp Sniffer: As mentioned before, WhatsApp sends all our messages in plaintext, unencrypted. As anyone in the same WiFi can easily get theRead More →

2 Useful tools for measuring our SEO Does anybody know other? * KLOUT: => Allows you to associate many communities (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.) and assigns us a ranking. * Marketyou: => It is a community, but additionally we assigned a value of influence and allows filtering by areaRead More →

In 2012 were created 73,000 new viruses every day. Do you think the Antivirus factories will be able to follow that spped (even working together on this task) ? I open the debate … Source: More →