How to create a BIA

In this post I will briefly introduce aspects of conducting a BIA (Business Impact Analysis), first a definition of what we mean by BIA:
A BIA is a process of analyzing business functions and the effect that a break in the business could in such functions. The organization shall determine and document the impact of a break in activities that support key products and services.

In a BIA criticism for achieving organizational areas and the potential magnitude of the operational and financial impacts are identified.

Each activity that supports a key product or service, the organization must:

a) Evaluate the impacts that would occur with time itself was interrupted activity

b) Set the maximum time that the activity can be interrupted:

i. The period of time from the occurrence and the time in which the activity needs to be resumed
ii. The minimum level that the activity needs to be performed correctly at the time of resumption
iii. Period of time in which normal operating levels need to be resumed

c) Identify each interdependence of activities, assets, infrastructure support resources need to be maintained or continuously recovered

When assessing impacts, the organization should consider those that relate to your business goals and interests. They can be:

• The impact on staff and the quality of life of the organization
• The impact of damage or loss: premises, technology or information
• The impact of breaches of statutory duty or regulatory requirements
• Risk of loss of reputation
• Danger of financial viability
• Deterioration in the quality of the product or service
• Environmental Damage

I hope that this first reach some highlights of what to include a BIA has seemed useful.

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