Digital Identity and online reputation in companies

Companies increasingly have more presence on the Internet, this being actively or by the action of users and customers in opinion forums, blogs, etc.

As a result, increasingly monitoring the assessment that the public (Internet) makes our business or organization on the Internet is becoming more important. Becoming increasingly critical to have the proper management of corporate reputation online.

Digital identity and corporate reputation online today are very important aspects that companies should not be neglected, because of not having proper management of it, is exposing the organization to risks related to privacy and security that can affect the image of the company in the virtual environment.

To try to find a remedy for these problems coupled with the positioning and reputation online that the organization wants to carry out, there is the option you can choose any business is to conduct a successful creation and management of digital corporate identity.

In recent years, marketed as “Community Manager” or SEO are increasingly having more presence in recruitment processes giving to see that companies are beginning to take seriously have sound management of their identity and reputation on the Internet .

INTECO has developed a complete guide in PDF format.

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