We can define 3 different areas of standards and regulations related to industrial cybersecurity. It is possible that we have to apply several simultaneously depending on the geography where we want to adapt to the standard and the customer. International standards of industrial cybersecurity:a. ISA/IEC 62443b. NIST SP 800-82 Rev.2 Regional industry regulation, critical infrastructure and services regulations and sector-specific regulations: (some examples)a. NERC CIP (Electrical Regulation for the United States)b. ANSSI (Electrical Regulation for France)c. ENS (Regulation of critical infrastructure in Spain)d. NCSC CAF Guidance (UK Critical Infrastructure Regulation)e. BSI (German Critical Infrastructure Regulation)f. Law 362/2019 (Regulation of critical infrastructure in Romania aligned withRead More →

ISO 22316:2017, was published in March 2017. Created by Technical Committee ‘ISO/TC 292 Security and resilience’.URL of ISO 22316:2017: https://www.iso.org/standard/50053.html This standard focused on improving culture within organizations in relation to building resilience. ISO 22316:2017 is the result of a long development process and represents the global consensus on the concept of organizational resilience. This regulation defines Organizational Resilience as: ‘the capacity of an organization to absorb and adapt in a changing environment’. ISO 22316:2017 has 6 main sections of requirements related to the orientation with which they should be implemented by an organization. Structure of this normative is: Introduction 1. Scope2. Normative references 3.Read More →

ISO/IEC 27701:2019, was published in August 2019. This new ISO comes from ISO/IEC 27552:2019 (published a month before). This regulation is an extension of privacy of ISO/IEC 27001:2013, being a certifiable extension of it. ISO/IEC 27701:2019 describes a framework for Personally Identifiable Information Controllers (PII) and PII Processors to manage privacy controls to reduce the risk to people’s privacy rights. ISO/IEC 27701:2019 contains 263 controls contained in 8 main sections of requirements and controls related to the orientation with which they should be implemented by an organization: ISO scope, references, terms Context of the organization Leadership Planning Support Operation Performance evaluation Improvement ISO/IEC 27701:2019 focusesRead More →

Cybersecurity has become an essential and omnipresent concept in our lives. Currently, everything is controlled by computer systems, which forces us to take good care of our best practices related to cybersecurity and the management of data privacy. I created a presentation about this, I would like to share with you. This presentation incluse all these topics: (document is in Spanish) 1. Introduction to cybersecurity 2. Security in the physical and logical world 3. Security in the professional and personal field 4. Evolution of threats. Digital threat 5. Origins of the attacks to our network and objective assets of the attacks 6. Social engineering, identityRead More →

One of the procedural measures that have been introduced by Organic Law 13/2015, of October 5 (Spain), amending the Criminal Procedure Law for strengthening procedural safeguards and regulating technological research measures allows the Judicial Police The recording and recording of oral communications through the use of electronic devices and the use of technical devices for image capture, tracking and localization. The Judicial Police has all these technical tools: Tracking Devices Localization devices Image Capture Devices Voice Communication Intercept Devices Interception devices for telematic communications (eg, the possibility of identifying the IP, IMEI, device, etc.) Registration of Mass Storage Information Devices Remote logs on computer equipmentRead More →

In the last years we are reading more and more news about massive (millions) breach of passwords in web services as communities, emails services, cloud services and others. Hackers simply are obtaining money stealing passwords and selling or misusing them. This presentation is focus on how to protect our accounts and with this also keep sure our digital identity, our image and also our money safe from hackers businesses. You can see my presentation here:¬†https://www.slideshare.net/RamiroCid/passwords-for-sale    Read More →