Risk Analysis & Risk Management

Risk Analysis & Risk Management

Risk Analysis is one of the first steps to do when we want to create:

  1. An ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  2. An BCMS (Business Continuity Management System)
  3. An BIA (Business Impact Analysis)
  4. A PIA (Private Impact Analysis)
  5. A Project
  6. Etc.

In the moment of doing a risk analysis, we are in the first step of a PDCA process (Plan – do – check – act, also called Deming circle) so it is very important to do a good analysis. All the other processes depends on our first analysis.

I created 2 presentations about Risk Analysis & Risk Management; this is the first of these 2 documents.

This presentation incluse all these topics:

1. Risk Analysis: General Principles
2. ISO 31000: 2009
3. Risk Analysis: Elements and their relationships
4. Risk Analysis: MAGERIT Methodology v.3
5. Risk Analysis: Development of the phases

You can see my presentation here (in Spanish):


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